In an announcement posted onĀ r/changelog, Reddit has notified its community that it will no longer be open source. Reasons cited in the post were the difficulty in keeping repos updated, and the need for secrecy from its competitors.

Reddit has been slowly moving from the community-oriented culture into a more traditional corporate monolith for years. It should be no surprise that the community balked at the suspect reasoning in the announcement. Users were quick to point out that some features could still be developed in secrecy and then released to the public once completed. Many suspect ulterior motives, mostly money.

If the code is closed source, the possibility exists for companies to buy the most prominent posts, as well as for Reddit to compile and sell user data.

Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz, who became a martyr for free and open information, is undoubtedly spinning in his grave – and probably has been spinning for a while.