For the time being, net neutrality allows consumers to use the internet however they choose, without internet and phone companies setting different prices for different types of websites and data.

That’s the kind of consumer protection that keeps certain Senators up at night. But luckily we don’t have to take their word for what an internet without net neutrality will look like, as countries such as Portugal and Greece are already there.

The results aren’t pretty.

If you go to the website for MEO, a telecommunications company in Portugal, you can see the internet divided into little packages such as Social, Music or Email & Cloud. It should be noted that this is in addition to a base plan that would have previously just been the users plan.

According to a Portuguese Reddit user, it’s been an ongoing issue. “Our cable internet is pretty good, like someone said it exceeds 100mbps in general, but our mobile internet has been plagued by these kind of plans for some time now. This is definitely the worst though, never seen anything like this” the user states.

The same has reportedly begun  to happen in Mexico and Germany, which should be a reminder to all to stay vigilant.