Need to make your life a little easier? There’s a bounty of sites that can help you in ways you may not realize. Below are our top sites:

Did They Read It

Ever have the sneaking suspicion that your emails aren’t being read? Well, you can find out if you’re paranoid or not buy using DidTheyReadIt. You can add their hidden service to your email and find out if your emails are being opened and how long. It’s a great way to know if you’re being taken seriously or not.

Can I Stream It

While the plethora of streaming services is good for the consumer, all those options can make it a hassle to find what you’re looking for. Why sift through Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Hulu, etc. when there is a site to do it for you?

That’s where comes in. Just enter the movie or TV series you want to watch, and let them tell you which streaming services offer it.


If your convinced a file might be dangerous but your virus scanner isn’t detecting anything, Jotti is here to help. Submit a file and it will use 18 different virus scanners at once on it. An incredibly helpful tool, although you’ll have to wait for a few minutes.

Awesome PDF

Need to edit a PDF on the fly? That’s where AwesomePDF comes in. It offers free conversion utilities like PDF to PNG, PDF to JPG,  PDF to BMP, and even PDF to GIF. It can convert Word documents to PDF and Excel Spreadsheets to PDF. If you need to merge a pdf or remove pages from a pdf, it’s got you covered as well. Essential if you lack a desktop and need to conduct some official business.

Email Game

If you’re procrastinating facing your mailbox, why not just make a game out of it? That’s where Email Game comes in. Get points for how quickly you can archive, delete or reply to an email. Unfortunately, the quality of your reply is not rewarded, and the points are strictly virtual and can’t be exchanged for goods or services.